This programme with all the activities we have included is challenging and life-affirming. This is a wonderful opportunity to increase awareness and experience the powerful sounds and beauty of your surroundings. In other words, a great occasion to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.


These activities you will learn to experience the world directly, experientially, without the relentless commentary of our thoughts. you might just open yourselves up to the limitless possibilities for happiness that life has to offer you.

 Note! With these activities, please bring a backpack to carry sun cream, hat, any additional clothing, and drink container you might require.


Choose a route from three options. 2 routes start from El-Figueral and the third starts from the Benifallet Station and follows the greenway.

Route 1: From El-Figueral we follow the track heading west following the river Ebro. At a wooded junction we follow a small single track which passes below the steep crocodile cliff until it re-joins an un-made road, turning left we follow the road over an old ravine bridge through wooded countryside until we turn left back on to our original track some 2.5Km further than we left it. This track follows the river Ebro through the valley back to El-Figueral.

Route 2: From El-Figueral we follow the track east towards Benifallet passing bye finca’s either side of the track. At the C12 we cross the road and continue for a short distance on an unused tarmac road before turning of and walking through an amazing gorge following a dry riverbed. Note on this walk there is bit of a climb which aided by a rope over a rock formation.

Route 3: Starts at Benifallet railway station and follows the cycling route to Pinell de Brai or La Fontrada.

El-Figueral local walking_1040
Greenway walk


As a mindfulness activity we provide cycles and let our participants explore the greenway or via Verde. It follows the old railway track that runs from the highlands of Aragon to the sea through two natural parks as spectacular and diverse as Els Ports and the Ebro Delta. The route we take runs from Benifallet Station to the village of Bot a 14.6km section that passes through the stunning Terra Alta.

Being flat and even and in most parts asphalted over the route provides no technical difficulties and take you through landscapes of surprising variety, including wooded areas, impressive sheer rock faces, rural settings, unspoiled natural spots, through the engineered railway tunnels (which you need a torch for) and over impressive railway bridges.

The Route:

  • Starts Benifallet Station
  • 4.0k:       Pinell de Brai station, start of  the Terra Alta Greenway route.
  • 3.7k:       Caved in tunnel (damaged in  centre; Caused railway line closure), detour around via hilly, medium grade path.
  • 1.0k:       La Fotcalda features Els Estrets de Dalts with its deep gorge into Canaletes river, paths have been cut into the gorge’s side to provide access to pools for swimming.
  • 2.4k:       Pratt de Comte Station.
  • 4.5K:      Village of Bot, The centre of Terra Alta Wine
Greenway lone cycalist
Greenway cycling_entering a tunnel

Wine Tasting

This is a great activity as it will allow you to practice mindful eating, such an important skill to learn to become mindful aware of experiences the taste, flavour,

Mindfulness is about waking up to a new way of seeing things. Mindful eating using wine tasting as a tool will expose you into the insight how to be aware of the present moment taking pleasure of the flavours of the wine, focusing directly, and incorporating their sensory experience. As Jon Kabat-Zin pointed out through mindfulness you will lean to pay attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment. Therefore, this will help you to notice things that you never noticed before. This is a unique and wonderful chance to amerce yourself in the discovery of new way of experiencing sensations, flavours, and how they become part of your own self.

There are lots of excellent vineyards in the area and we have tried a number. For our mindfulness weekend activity, we use a very selected few. Certainly not your average supermarket wine in either taste or price, but the experience of excellent wine sampled at the vineyard by professional wine growers is a very relaxing and reflective activity. The activity takes place at Dosterras DO Montsant and Costers del Siurana DOQ Priorat.



DO Montsant

“The Monsant designation of Origin combines tradition and innovation, on a journey from the amphotea of Tarraco to the new generations of winegrowers and winemakers, Monsant is a love for landscape, sustainability, agriculture and cooperation; an amalgam of earth and sophistication that always ends in toasts”

Dosterras represents the new generations of winegrowers and winemakers united in commitment, risk, and cooperation. We are unrepentant catalysts, we like to experiment, with the clear objective of getting the best wines in each harvest. We love the diversity of our vineyards, where almost centuries-old vines coexist with younger ones. We listen to the earth; we respect its rhythms to intervene only as necessary. The hands of Dosterras work in unison to promote the self-defence of the vines, protect the ecosystem in a sustainable way and, from time to time, dance to the rhythm of rock and roll. We create new traditions, we are addicted to art, agape in Montsant and bold loves. We pursue the elegance of wine with devotion, from simplicity and without losing the irreverent point. We want you to discover us.


Dosterras Viyard
Dosterras Barrel

DOQ Priorat

A region with ancient wine tradition, with wines already famous from as far back as the XII th Century, well known for its powerful flavour and taste. Nowadays, in the Priorat there are two Denominations d’Origent, the DOQ Priorat, which is formed by the Historic Priorat territory, and the DO Montsant, a newer DO, however, producing surprisingly good wines. Interestingly Priorat wines is the only other region in Spain holding the same quality mark as the more well-known Rioja wines.


The Winery Costers del Siurana, is one of the inexcusable references within the wine revolution of the last decade. Its properties Clos del l’Obac, located in Gratallops and Miserere, near the Charterhouse of Scala Dei, produce the wines of the same name internationally defined as “the elegant Priory”.

The Costers del Siurana wines go through an extremely precise and meticulous cask aging process. Once the winemaking process has been completed, depending on the outdoor temperature, the wine is left to repose for three or four months in the fermentation and storage vats in contact with the intense winter cold in order to bring about a natural stabilisation without the need to use refrigerated vats and stirring paddles.

THe Bodega Clos Obac


A leisurely Kayak down the Ebro River from Miravet to Benifallet is a unique experience, the river is clear with a moderate flow that allows a leisurely trip through this wild, incredibly beautiful, and serene landscape. Observe the wildlife, eagles that nest in the high cliffs of the valley, birds and fish. The changing light on the movement of the river. Pass by the templar Castle at Miravet and El-Figueral on the Left bank before arriving at the riverside village of Benifallet.

The trip is organised with one of the local kayaker companies that provide all equipment and ensure your safety and comfort.

Kyaks and El Figueral 2009