Psychology Teaching and Tutoring

Psychology Teaching and Tutoring

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Why Tutoring ?

Tutoring is about identifying any weaknesses and gaps in the students subject understanding and learning aptitude, and then providing the necessary material, and support strategies to help complete the students understanding.

Particularly, we understand that exams cause a level of stress and anxiety on the student, which we manage within the tutoring program.

We offer support in all major A level Psychology syllabus’s at both SL and HL levels.

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Our Approach

Highly Qualified teachers with in-class experience

Our teaching staffs hold approved teaching certificates and have attained an MSc or BSc qualification in the subject being tutored. We place great importance on their experience in teaching and tutoring Psychology.

All our programs are conducted online so that location is not a problem.

We look at the student as an individual

No student is alike so we tailor the program individually around their strengths and weaknesses ensuring that our tutees have a full and rounded understanding of the syllabus in preparation for their exams.  While subject comprehension and understanding is the key to all success it’s also fundamentally important that the student is mentally ready for the exam, and this only comes from the confidence built up by working through exam questions, learning exam techniques and confidently applying them in order to gain those all-important extra marks.


The most stressed point of the course! The point where panic sets in! Don’t panic, this is Psychology and our tutors have invested in our mindfulness courses and are trained to help you  through the stress and anxiety at this time.


Revision Courses

At these times of the year we run specific revision courses. We fill in the gaps, add the vital understanding to areas of the course and give you the chance to practice and develop your text book answers.

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