Uncategorized Introduction to Riverminds Weekend Retreat

Introduction to Riverminds Weekend Retreat

We offer a unique and exclusive rural 3-day weekend mindfulness retreat experience from our beautiful and exclusive finca overlooking the beautiful river Ebro and mountains.

“When maintaining low stress, you are more relaxed and comfortable within yourself, but to reach this state of calm and happiness you must first recognise you are getting upset and develop technics to maintain an equilibrium.” Angeles Martinez Bodi weekend director.

The weekend is designed to provide a warm and unforgettable experience that includes good food, local wine, and relaxing activities so that our clients remember the positivity of the retreats experience and help to de-stress and focus on their post retreat experiences..

  • De-Stress
  • Re Focus
  • Feel Good

If our unique weekend experience appeals, please get in contact with us for more details. and of course look at our Web site www.riverminds.co

Web site:    www.riverminds.co 

Minfulness mountains & river
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